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#17 Solospel by Choas-Balance

I hardly ever watch some fanart of this group, because are a lot but this one called my attention and is so pretty and well done fakemo...

Unova and Kalos by Jack-a-Lynn

OMG , I needed to add my opinion here 1.- The shadow and light is so damn perfect Arceus 2.- Everyones expresion get perfect with the p...

Dedenne Wallpaper by shadowhatesomochao

Oh My Arceus, is soo beautiful Vision : I just searched Dedenee pictures and there wasnt too much and I saw this but back to messages I...

Sombra el Puercoespin by xShadilverx

OMG this is so awesome . first the vision , it look so awesome Good expresion , very well drawed , got background that gives more esenc...



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#17 Solospel by Choas-Balance
I hardly ever watch some fanart of this group, because are a lot but this one called my attention and is so pretty and well done fakemon (And I'm not fan of the fakemon)
The name is really interesting and so is the Origin and pokédex entry, actually a really well done fakemon
I saw at the drawing that is really clean and got a really got technique of shadowing and lighting but I noticed a little mistake in here, at the hands in the upper part I think you used the shadow and light of the head, but everything else is so perfect and amazing, I really liked it ;)
Chapter 6
‘’I should be apologizing, Thanks for being ok, and I should thank N as well I thought he did this to you what happened’’ Said Cilan with tears on his eyes……
‘’Don’t worry Cilan, I’m ok now, and more now that you are with me’’ You said while hugging him yet not even raising your head, just hugging him so much as you could and crying.
‘’Ok, ok, calm down my girl, you are so beautiful for crying-’’ Cilan said while hugging you back’’-and N, what’s the matter… What happened, wasn’t you the responsible of this, why are you helping (y/n)? This is so confusing …‘’ Cilan said now changing to a serious mood.
‘’I’m so sorry if I worried you, this wasn’t my fault, I didn’t want to hurt or kidnap (y/n), a new guy in the team plasma controlled me… And sorry I have to leave for fixing that right now… If you will excuse me…’’ Said N while turning around and started to walk right away to the pokémon league for meeting Ghetsis and Colress.
‘’Wait, N!’’ You said as you stopped hugging Cilan for a while and stood just in front of him. ‘’Wait a moment! I’m going to help you with this, you helped me out of this mess, and now as a friend I’m going to help you! ‘’ You said firmly making N have no choice.
‘’Hey! Hey! (Y/N) Did you go insane?!?’’ said Bianca approaching with Cheren running toward me.
‘’Yes, (y/n) he got you in all of this trouble’’ said now Cheren
‘’Yes, I know but it wasn’t his fault, he is getting controlled and he told me about his life, he lost his real parents and this Ghetsis took him and raised him like a son, but just for evil purposes, he has been controlled again by this guy Colress and his only friends were pokémon, but now I’m his friend and I’m going to help him, you want it or not’’ You said really angry getting everyone with a poker face (.__.  )
‘’Well, any friend of (y/n) is my friend so I’m going to help…’’ Said Cilan while inside dying of jealousness but wanting to make you happy.
‘’That’s so sad (;-;), I will help not thinking it twice‘’ Said Bianca while tearing.
‘’We are going to help too! This guy seems to have no bad intentions’’ Said Chili and Cress in chorus.
‘’Ok… but just because (y/n) trust this guy and I believe on her so, yes I’m helping too’’ Said Cheren between teeth and quite annoyed.
‘’Seriously… Thanks guys’’ He was about to tear but cleaned his eyes before ’’The place where is Ghetsis is on the top of the pokémon league, are you ok with that?’’ Said N now getting to the serious mood he had.
‘’Ok… but let’s hurry up to the pokémon league’’ You said firmly.
While you and your friends get everything organized to mess up Ghetsis and Colress plans you put hands on work and raised quickly the pokémon league.
You all defeated with all of the others gym leaders help all the grunts of Team Plasma and when finally reached to Ghetsis and Colress place, you and N battled against them having a hard battle and getting a bit injured of how dangerous was it (Sorry but just imagine it as it was a double battle Ghetsis-Colress Vs. You-N and that’s not the case). N thanked everyone for their help and decided to go traveling around the world with his Reshiram.
‘’So… Cilan… Now is over for now, right? Everything is going to be just like before? ...’’ You said while walking next to each other down the sunset leading to Striaton City again, all the others were already there but Cilan and you got an extra time alone together.
‘’Hmmmm… I guest so…’’ He said while thinking about it and quite in a serious mode.
‘’So I think it will be good for all of us’’ You said just as the same mood like Cilan, expecting something more from him and asked for this time alone.
‘’Wait….. No!! I don’t want to be like before anymore!’’ Said Cilan raising his voice and putting in front of you.
‘’What are you talking about Cilan? So what do you want?’’ You said in a worried voice not knowing how to react on the way he just acted now.
‘’(Y/n)! I can’t stand it anymore!’’ Said Cilan really frustrated now.
‘’Ok, ok, just calm now and say it’’ You said to the green haired boy who was really anxious and nervous.
‘’(Y/n)… I-I I love you, (y/n), I love you now, I loved you before and will love you forever, I just adore you, would you please be my girlfriend’’ Said Cilan with a ruby bright red in his face, he was so nervous that a few little tears came out of his green beautiful eyes, and having a little smile on his precious face.
‘’Ci-Cilan!!! I simply love you, just like the way you do, of course I want to be your girlfriend, since the time we started to get along, you made me love you’’ You said now crying of happiness and jump over him to hug him.
‘’Oh My Arceus, (y/n) I LOVE YOU!! And I will always do it’’ He hugged you back and raised you in the air.
You two kept walking down to Striaton City still in the sunset, where the sky was like and yellowish orange with a little of pink in the sky (Sorry but sometimes in my country you can see the sky like this way in the middle of the sunset making such a beautiful palette of colors in the sky) and you two were holding hands, so happy to be finally together in peace, where both of you are safe and fine.
At final you arrived to Striaton City, where everyone was waiting in peace for you two and when everyone saw you two holding hands they just go and squeak, for finally being together.
‘’(y/n)….’’ Said Cilan looking you with a puppy face and sit down right next to him.
‘’Tell me sweat heart’’ You said in a lovely voice.
‘’I love you’’ He said and put a smile in his face.
‘’I love you too’’ You said while you was going to give him a kiss on his cheek, but he just gently took your face with both his hands and kiss you in front of everyone. Everyone in there was so happy for you two and hopped you to be together as long as Arceus permit you to live together.
THE END….? (You know that it is not the end, the lemon awaits XD)
Chapter 6 Love is complicated (Cilan x Reader)
As the last year (Yes, I just realized the past chapter was submitted the last year) and I have to apologize for the long time, but hmmm... so many problems, and as the past chapter I found my Cilan, but our classmates use to bother us too much :T so , sorry because a part of this is what he once told me T.T
And this is the most romantic thing I could imagine because I lost my escence of love since my Cilan broke with me (But actually he hated Cilan, and whenever I talked about him he just get jealous, he's way more a Clemont, but Clemont is more intelligent than my ex :v )

For uptading next chapter at least 10 faves and 5 comments, not too much, so please support my work :meow:

Last Chapter :
Next Chapter : Coming Soon....

I don not own Characters or You
Chapter 5

*Cilan’s POV
Damn now what I can do, I’ll go take my brothers and Cheren and Bianca, Geez!! I’m so damn nervous of thinking what those weird guys will do to (y/n). I walked over the entrance of the Ferris wheel and took out my Pansage, ‘’ Well, I think it’s Investigation time! *takes detective hat out of nothing and put it on*, Pansage help me searching something weird or out of order, please’’ (More Cilan Like, I was making him too much OOC, shame on me -.-‘) he said as Pansage agree and started to look around the scene.
*Sniff, sniff* ‘’Hm….. Let’s see, I have smelled this essence before…… I know! As Caitlin says and psiquic type has a mystical and sweet scent, but not as sweet as a fairy type so definitely was a pure psiquic Pokémon that can learn teleport because of the sudden leave, Most of pokémon that learn Teleport have two types and the only one that is a non-legendary are Abra evo family, so it could be Abra, Kadabra or Alakazam; but this must be a stronger pokémon than Abra, it could be Kadabra or Alakazam; FEEEW! I get this conclusion by myself’’ Said Cilan really concerned about, then suddenly Pansage get something like powder around his body as getting closer, Black, Brown and a dirty gold powder.
‘’Hey, Pansage come here a sec’, what’s this weird powder around you*I took some of it and slyly smelled it* I hasn’t a weird smell so isn’t Drug but look like something like those special makeup and thing in pokéstar studios for the hair used in clear hair and make it look like another color, Come on, let’s go Pansage’’ I took up Pansage and leaved for getting my brothers.
I get closer to where they were and told what I concluded, just moments later Bianca appeared ‘’Hey guys, How are you doing? Have you seen (y/n)?’’ We all looked at each other and seemed sad, ‘’Wait… What happened with (y/n)? ‘’ Said Bianca now worried; we talked Bianca about what happened and said that was a good idea to tell Cheren, if he knows something.
‘’Hey, hey, hey, guys we can’t do anything right now it’s really late now, tomorrow at school we are going to do our plan, ok?’’ said Bianca, now with Cheren here we are going to solve this.
*Your POV
Damn I can´t see anything, where I am? My throat hurt, I can’t talk, what happened before this? What’s that? Are they footsteps? I tried to move, but my hands and legs were tied with a rope, It was cold I was shaking, the footsteps are getting close then somebody get my cheek, ‘’so you finally waked up, when we brought you here you started screaming, Kadabra blocked your scream from us, and when you lost your voice you slept here’’ Said a boy, this boy I think it’s N.
He kissed my cheek and started to talk again ‘’you are going to be my Queen, so please stay calm’’ Said N and just after that I felt like someone was falling, like getting unconscious, I tried to speak and all I could say was ‘’N……’’ Then I heard that he was standing up, he saw me ‘’DAMN! (Y/n) Why are you like this?’’ He the bandages that covered my eyes and untied the rope around my arms and legs, ‘’Where are we? ‘’ I tried to speak more and said this ‘’you …should…know that…’’ I tried to stand up, but fall in front of N, he helped me out to stand up ‘’I’m so sorry; the last thing I remember was being with Ghetsis and a new guy, what was his name?? Colress? I think that was it! Then I ended here with you’’ He seemed concerned.
‘’So…*cof cof* you don´t remember nothing about Nimbasa *cof*’’ I said trying to clear my throat and look back to him, ‘’ARCEUS! Did I do something wrong to you or any pokémon? I’m sorry, I think that guy Colress was controlling my mind, Did I say something I mustn’t , Ghetsis told me that I must use some chip just here back my cap’’ He took out his cap and showed to me.
‘’Hey, Hey, Hey, That must be tracking you, throw that!’’ I said as he throws the chip away out of by a little window with a lot of sand ‘’ And N, you took me to the Ferris wheel and said that you are the King of team plasma, that team plasma free pokémon from fool people and that you loved me…’’ I lowered my head, as he does the same ‘’ I’m so sorry I was being controlled but its entire true……’’ A silence is in the room, so I continued talking ‘’Then after the road three gray haired boys surrounded me and took a Kadabra and brought me here, you said something about that I screamed and lost my voice then I think you lost conscious and become the real you’’ I said really nervous but my throat still hurts so I stopped talking ‘’ (y/n) I’m so sorry I was being controlled so that things I said must be my egoist desires really inside of me. I understand that you don’t like so I’m going to help you get to your friends and especially that Cilan you said…… Wait I barely remember a few things so maybe Colress controlling device wasn’t that good, (y/n) I don’t belong to you so I want you to be happy with that Cilan, with the few things I remember let’s go out of here’’ He hugged me in a comforting mode like trying to be a friend ‘’Thanks N, let’s think how we are going to get out of here’’, I hugged him back comforting him as well he said so much things about him and wasn’t that good, his life wasn’t easy… (Well N you’re going to a horrible place called frienzone ;A; )
*Cilan’s POV at the next day
I’m here just moments before the end of classes, Bianca, Cheren and my brothers ended to meet at the Striaton Gym, the bell rang and I leaved as soon as I could.
‘’Hey, Guys! Look what I found in my Unova history class, it says that under the pokémon league was a huge castle that belonged to the Unova King long ago, it’s supposed that the huge castle get underground because a quake that happened in the North of Unova, Alder the Actual Champion get there and build the actual pokémon league over it but there is a special way for getting there, You told me that you heard N saying that he was a King of What?’’ Said Cheren showing the book to all as he was arriving from the class.
*Normal Narration*
‘’Yes, King of team plasma, he shouted it right away while getting down the Ferris wheel with (y/n)’’ Said Cilan while serious.
‘’Look guys, I got something too, I was talking with one classmate that work as an assistant in Pokéstar studios and told me that she saw those guys Alex, Adrian and Andrew (Sorry for not introducing Adrian to all you, he is the other brother) and was around the makeup place taking some of the powder that make look your hair like other color temporally after about 10 hours after that it will fall all around‘’ Said Bianca also swaying around.
‘’I found that powder around the area were (y/n) was kidnapped, did she told you what color do they took?’’ Said Cilan now really worried.
‘’Yes, I think she said it was missing a really big amount of Black, Brown and Dirty Gold colors’’ She said while remembering the words of her classmate and rubbing her cheek.
‘’Damn probably those guys have something to do, and the three of them didn’t came to classes today, Why don’t we tell Alder to get us to the underground castle and tell what the matter’’ Cilan Said as getting on hand in front.
‘’Come on put your hand in there and let’s promise that we are going to save (y/n)!’’ Bianca put her hand over Cilan’s not even thinking it, Chili put it right after Bianca’s ‘’I am a trouble, so I’m going to help’’, Cheren put it after Chili’s ‘’Friends are together in good and bad moments’’, Cress putted his hand also and he look like showing a worry face ‘’I don’t want to her get damaged’’ he was really sad; ‘’Ok let’s go’’ Cilan Said as he throw up all the hands.
All of them go to the pokémon league and told Alder while all of them were going down.
*Back with You and N*
We haven’t sleep at all, we were kilometers down the ground so we need to get started , actually N handed me to the best way for getting outside the emergency exit as we get to a weird place, wait? Is this the Pokémon League? And who is that at the distance? Isn’t that Cilan , OMG it was him , Without thinking it it get running to him , I was really tired already but this worth it. So by the back I hugged him
‘’Thanks Arceus you are ok Cilan!!!! I’m so sorry for made you being jealous ‘’ I hugged as hard as I could, damn I was crying.
‘’I should be apologizing, Thanks for being ok, and I should thank N as well I thought he did this to you what happened’’ Said Cilan with tears on his eyes……
To be continue………
Chapter 5 Love is complicated (Cilan x Reader)
OMG OMG OMG I dont know how to express how ashamed I fell, this one  took me too long and take the crap out of me because since I wrote that part about the quake stuff, a lot of quakes has passed in my country .-. just weird Maybe I'll find my Cilan too :D

Anyway SorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorrySorry 

I'll try my best for updating fast I fell so sad I can't write this properly and fast 
I have planned that the next Chapter will be just lovely-kissyAdorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] thing really happy stuff and the 7 Chapter will be a LemonBig Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2]  (OK I think I have played way to much weird games XDXD) and then Its the end of this mess of fanfiction of mine :shakenet: TmT

This is the last Fanfic I write (exept for requests, I have one pendant and are free so don't be shy 
And I have way to much Yaoi for playing I needto fix my Hadaka Shitsuji and get Sweet Pool Icon Sonic Boom What else you expeted from me

One more thing, I hope at least 10 favorites and 5 coments for the next

Thanks for reading Cilan Emote (Pokemon) - Happy  Cilan is so happy and so I am

Last Chapter :
Next Chapter :

I don not own Characters or You
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Chapter  4
It's already weekend, you spend that weekend for training.
''Ok, Oshawott came here!'' you said while throwing the Pokémon that has your oshawott(obviously) ''Osha-sha'' really happy your first Pokémon get to hug you jumping over you.
It’s time for getting to Nacrene gym, so let's start training, and firstlet’s go to Accumula Town.
*After some training, already in Accumula
''Good job my cutie, let's go to Pokémon Center'' you took your Pokémon and leaved the Route 1.
''Welcome! This is a Pokémon Center. Here make rest your Pokémon. Do you want to your Pokémon to rest?'' Said Nurse Joy ''Sure, thank you’’ You said annoyed 'cause you have to hear that every time you get to the Pokémon Center.
''Ok, give me a moment your party, it will take just a seconds. Thanks for waiting. Your Pokémon has their full health. Come back soon'' Again said Nurse Joy like always (Damn it I hate it) '' Thank you so much'' said taking you Oshawott, Purloin, Lillipup, Munna and Pansear.
You leaved the Pokémon Center, and get about to Route 2, until a Green long haired boy get to you.
''Did you know Pokémon can talk'' Said quickly the boy and really nervous.
''Well, of course, I talk to them but tragedy I can't understand them, but they understand me, I love so much my Pokémon, and what is your Name?'' You said gently to the stranger that didn't expect your answer.
'' Hmmm, seriously, anyway my name is N and I would like to battle you'' Said the boy just met.
'' Sure, take out your Pokémon first '' you said gently to the boy.
''Well, Purloin go!'' Said N throwing the poke ball.
''Pansear go show them what you can do!'' You said fully with energy.
''Pansear use Ember'' You told to the Pokémon.
''Purrloin use Growl'' N told to his Pokémon.
‘‘Hehe seems like you loosed'' you told to the green haired teen.
'' Well, anyway I'm leaving, bye'' Said N quickly and nervously again and leaving.
'' How a weird guy, right Pansear? '' You said to your Pokémon hugging him.
'' Pansear-sear (*eco* I don't see him weird) '' Said the Pokémon getting back to the poke ball.
'' Wait!! I just heard Pansear saying 'I don't see him weird', nah I'm probably disturbed because this week '' You said putting the poke ball in your bag and getting to your bike and leaving to Striaton City.
There you battle a little with some weird trainer but now you heard some eco while the Pokémon said something. You where so damn confused.
* Now at Pinwheel forest
'' Come on Oshawott, just hang with it a little more, you can win, use razor shell '' You told telling the pokemon for winning against a Karateka trainer there.
'' Ok seems like I won '' You told to that Karateka taking back to the poke ball his Timburr.
'' Yes, yes, yes, yes, you are evolving Oshawott'' You said jumping around.
'' Isn't that great, I'm now a Dewott '' You hear clearly from the Oshawott now a Dewott.
'' What the hell?!?! Since I talked with that guy N I can hear Pokémon’s voice, but who cares, finally I can understand all of you guys'' You noticed, but by a way it is amazing.
''Yay!!!''  The whole party said.
* Yay, you got the Base Medal, so get back to Striaton
You got to the pokemon center and as you know the Gym is next to it, when you saw some weird guys in also weird grey clothes walking around the gym and later getting to the Dream Yard.
You followed them just for the gym leaders safety, angry or not with them they are your friends, so, for they safety.
You get there and saw Bianca crying.
'' Oh My Arceus, Bianca what happened!!??'' You get running to her and hugged her.
'' Those guys that call themselves Team Plasma took my beloved Tepig'' Said Bianca with big tears on his eyes.
'' Don't worry Bianca '' You said while standing up and search for those bullies.
'' Hey you stupid guys with bad taste on clothing! '' You said yelling at them.
'' Who do you call stupid? '' Said one of them.
'' Shut up and give my friend's pokemon back to her'' You keep telling to the bad guys.
'' Come on little brat, you must shut up '' Said another from the guys in grey clothes.
You get closer to them and took your Munna out for her to use Yawn, when all the bad guys get asleep; you started searching Bianca's Tepig.
'' Here, take, Happy and Save :3 '' You handed the poke ball.
'' Thanks a lot, I know now one more reason of why the triplets love you '' Bianca said while taking Tepig out and hugging him.
'' Wait, what do you mean Bianca?? '' You told her now more confused than before you knew that you understand pokemon.
'' Ow, didn't you knew it, Cilan confessed last day in school with everyone in there, Chili hit him saying that he loves you more and Cress said to his fan girls that don't disturb him 'cause he loves you '' Said the blonde girl still hugging her Tepig.
'' Well, I didn't expect it from Cress .___. , anyway how it is going the recess without me :3 '' You sited next to Bianca.
'' Really boring you know, we miss you a lot '' said Bianca now hugging you.
'' Hehehe, don't be like that I'm better this way, I'm going to see a musical in Nimbasa, do you want to come with me?'' You purposed to Bianca.
'' Of course I want, let’s take a taxi '' - '' Ok, and come on ''
*Now in Nimbasa
'' Hey, hey, hey, look there is a performance of Elesa today, can we go? Can we go? Can weeeeeeee??'' Said Bianca, as you must know she is very fan of her.
''Ow, Come on Bianca, you know I'm not her biggest fan'' You said reclaiming, '' ''Please (y/n)!!'' Said Bianca almost crying in your arm
''Ok, I got an idea, while you go to see Elesa, I'll see around Nimbasa'' You recommended to the blonde girl.
''Sure, Great idea, but don't go to the musical without me'' Sais Bianca entering to Elesa's performance.
*Your POV
Well now that Bianca is gone and I'm alone, I'll take a tour on the ferriswheel.
-Going to the ferriswheel- Wait what?? Isn't that guy called N in the Ferriswheel entrance? , he is now turning his head to my side.
OMG, no he saw me, I think I'm leaving
He approached and took my hand, '' What are you doing?!?!'' I yelled at the weird guy.
''Just come with me '' N said.
*Chili, Cilan and Cress - Also in Nimbasa...
'' Ok, how many is for all this stuff '' Cilan said to the grocery woman.
'' The 6 chocolates, 3 Sugar Cotton and Giant Popcorns, will be 400 poke yens (The money in the game) '' Grocery woman said giving the stuff.
'' Here, Thanks '' Said Cilan walking paying a walking away with his brothers.
While Cilan was taking out one of the chocolates (Cress' one), Chili pointed at the ferriswheel '' Look! Isn't that (y/n)? And she is getting to the ferriswheel with a long green haired man.
In the moment heard that, the chocolate that he held in the moment get destroyed of the fury he was feeling.
''OH ARCEUS!!!! CILAN!! Why the hell did you kill my chocolate?!?! D: '' Cress yelled.
''Shhh. I want to listen'' Said Cilan while approaching to the zone, he was curious but angry at the same time.
*You and N
''Leave me!!'' YOu yelled at the boy, refusing to go with him.
'' Come on, just one road (T.T) please...'' Said N getting a chibi and adorable expression that nobody can say no.
'' Ok, but just one road (¬.¬)'' You said to him, ''Hey, N!'' You said while walking to the ferriswheel, ''Yes??'' Said N happily, ''For the love of Arceus, FREE MY HAND!'' You said to N, '' Yeah, sorry (-w-') '' Said N while leaving your hand in peace, ''Thanks''.
*Back with the triplets
‘’ Damn it, I will stop this right now’’ Said Cilan but not sure about what he was going to do.
‘’ I’ll wait here for both of them , I can’t stand too much not talking with her’’ Said again Cilan leaving his brothers alone there (yaoi moment :okno:  x3 ).
*With you and N
‘’First (y/n), I want to tell you , I am the king of Team plasma ‘’ Said N taking his cap off.
‘’Wait what the hell are you saying?!? So you are the master of those idiots who stole Pokémon? ‘’ You said really mad now
‘’ They not stole Pokémon, they free ‘em all from fool people’’ Said N trying to calm you down.
‘’ Shut up, so you are telling that my best friend Bianca is a fool, hum?? Said yelling to the long green haired boy and again really mad.
‘’But, come on, I’m telling this because I like you’’ Said N in a soft blush and really nervous.
‘’ What? WTF?! Now everybody likes me!! You can go to the fuck N (sorry is supposed to you be with Cilan , not N so sorry T.T) I want to go out’’ You said really angry almost hitting him.
‘’But what are you saying? I want to be with you, We can take over Unova thogether’’ Said N again nervous, since he is not very social.
‘’ I don’t love you N , and I don’t want to order anybody’’ You said until the round ended and you get out like a beast.
But at your first step three white haired and grey eyed boys with black clothes surrounded you.
‘’What the hell now?!? ‘’ You said almost hitting every one.
‘’ You can’t leave me like that , you will come with us ‘’ Said N
‘’ No I won’t ‘’ You said but the three boy and now N was getting closer to you .
‘’HELP!!!’’ You shouted , ‘ I would save by myself but they are too much ‘ You thought.
‘Isn’t that (y/n)’s voice?  I’ll go see’ Cilan thought.
*Your POV
Come on I’m fucked up, I need to see for help
Wait isn’t that Cilan, ‘’CILAN!!! OVER HERE!! HELP ME!! ‘’ I hope he heard me.
*Cilan’s  POV
Yeah , That was (y/n)’s voice, wait what the fuck I’m doing here , I need to help her.
‘’I’m going (y/n)!!’’ I was going but they suddenly disappeared.
*Normal Narration
N took out a Kadabra and teleported the four in there and gone to N’s castle (hidden under the pokémon league).
Cilan get shocked and really confuse there alone .

To be continue......
Chapter 4 Love is complicated (Cilan x Reader)
Happy Valentines Day -3-
For those who are single here it is , now be happy and for those who I promised to update this week 

Want more?? Coment and Fav at least 7 for knowing that somebody read this mess and thanks for waiting

Next Chapter :

I don not own Characters or You
Spring Fashion Meme - Tatsumi Arvencis - Azureus by DannielleStefPhantom
Spring Fashion Meme - Tatsumi Arvencis - Azureus
Well almost just in time OTL 
Sorry for the messy and simple drawing DX I probably have to take extra exams at school cause I'm really low, so that's I'm not too often, also with the accident I had with my hand is kind of difficult to draw now, so whenever I make a bad move it just sounds 'crack' and hurts :T
Ok, that's it for now
Tatsumi Belongs to me 
Pose by my friend Milka and that's it.

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Reason for my deviant name: Danielle- Everyone say that I look like My name were Danielle or Daniela
Stef- Everyone call me like that or just Stephy :3
Phantom- Sometimes my friends call me Miss Phantom or Fenton
Birthday: 13 of December
Ocupation: Student
Others: I hace a crush on Danny Phantom,Cilan, Chilly, Cress, Jack Frost, N (many others and
I speak English, Spanish and I'm learning French, Italian and Portuguese
DA Family:
:iconsonicandhildafan11: Touko's Biggest fan :meow:

( If you wanna join coment and tell what you wanna be :3 )
Thanks for reading :3

Here is my facebook n.n…

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